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NEW RELEASE USB CARD, Sonic Shuffle by Domenico Sciajno

An innovative, interactive release featuring music created from a graphic score by Domenico Sciajno performed by a 48-member electronic orchestra, with some of the most remarkable musicians in the electro-acoustic and experimental music field:
Yasuhiro Morinaga, Carlos "Zingaro", David Brown, Francesco Giomi, Franz Hautzinger, Chris Brown, Lawrence English, Toshimaru Nakamura, Phill Niblock, Frank Bretschneider, Gunter Müller, Oren Ambarchi, Lionel Marchetti, Kim Cascone, Asmus Tietchens, Ivan Zavada, Vladislav Delay, Alvin Curran, Daniel Schorno, Michael J. Schumacher, Elliott Sharp, Philippe Petit, Kazuyuki Kishino, Lukas Ligeti, Thomas Ankersmit, Lucio Capece, Dj Olive Gregor Asch, Cat Hope, Robin Fox, David Chiesa, John Duncan, Constantine Katsiris, Matthew Ostrowsky, Yannis Kyriakides, Tim Hodgkinson, Marc Behrens, Gert-Jan Prins, Anne La Berge, Anthea Caddy, Nikos Veliotis, Benoit Maubrey, Tom Recchion, Luciano Chessa, Thomas Lehn, Idrioema, Zimoun, Axel Dörner, Laurent Dailleau

A specially designed, hard PVC box holds a USB memory support shaped like a playing card containing:

- 48 sound files: the sonic/musical creations specifically recorded by the aforementioned musicians that constitute the musical sources played and conducted by users at their own discretion.

- A user-customizable application (Mac and Windows) that allows the user to reform and manipulate the performances of the score, creating a different experience on each listen.

[posted 4 June 2014]


NEW RELEASE BOOK, Designing Sound For Health and Wellbeing by Brown, Grierson, Jelinek, Macarow, Samartzis, Weiland and Winter.

Designing Sound for Health and Wellbeing investigates ways in which sound and music compositions can ease the stress and anxiety of patients located in a hospital Emergency Department. The aim of this collaborative research project, comprising a team of composers, art producers and historians, writers, emergency medicine practitioners and health psychology researchers, was to test the function of environmental and electroacoustic music compositions especially produced for patients in the Emergency Department of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne. The research and findings of this project provide new knowledge of the impact and use of sound and music in Emergency Medicine and the physical effect of sound and musical compositions on human health in general.

The DSHW book provides an overview of my recent doctoral research project and is saturated with photographs by myself and John Billan that capture the Emergency Department in a forensic-style. My co-authors are: Elizabeth Grierson, George Jelinek, Keely Macarow, Philip Samartzis, Tracey Weiland and Craig Winter.

[posted 11 April 2013]


NEW RELEASE LP, Sieve by Helium Clench

Shadows gather under cardboard where animal dreams and cello bows struggle to hold off electricity. Sounds of bells are rushed, entangled with rain, through measly slots between tightly crosshatched wires. This fabricates perforated fragments of seeing. These fragments adhere in the air to form a soft abrasive paper, fancied by the remote ones.

As a duo Tim Catlin and David Brown come together as ‘Helium Clench’ and boast long histories in the Melbourne and international avant-garde music world. Both have independently developed a fascination with microtonal sound through Catlin’s construction of harmonic overtone guitars and alternatively tuned metal rod instruments, and in Brown’s case through his explorations using the quartertone bass guitar. ‘Sieve’, their first duo recording is a studio-based project that amalgamates electroacoustic strategies, bowed objects and processed acoustic and electric instruments. Initial recordings focused on improvisational processes along with bowing of acoustic instruments and found objects, whilst other recordings utilized electronically processed electric guitar beds. All of these recordings were then subject to rigorous studio production techniques to shape the final compositions.

[posted 11 April 2013]


NEW RELEASE CD, Moonish by culture of un

Parched twigs muster fish with odd utterances. The hinterland lost in rattled strings scrapes through a season of make it up lunacy. The outputs of the wood-turners fashionings embarrass him, condemned to life as fossils, undiscovered till when? Reflective as wetlands, caught in stone and magnetic tape they pilfer each other’s constituents till unrecognisable to themselves.

A meeting of musical opposites congeal into an organic whole.
The tempered tonalities of Abraham’s piano mesh with the atonalities of Brown’s prepared guitar and utensils. Through concentrated listening and the implementation of conventional and extended instrumental techniques the resultant tones and textures pull at and morph into each other creating a mysterious sonic world, half here, half there.

With combined extensive histories in jazz, improvisation, pop and rock music Chris Abrahams and David Brown together are: ‘culture of un’.

[posted 13 June 2012]

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